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The ultimate 8-week programme
to write your research paper


Presented by Gunther Tress (PhD)

The only implementation programme of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to prepare and write your journal paper with ease, but will guide you step-by-step to get the paper written during the programme, even if you’ve never done it before, have only a little time, and are afraid of journal rejection.


Enrol to Paper Writing Academy now!

Are you ...

... excited about the research you did and the great potential it offers to make an impact in your research field?

... motivated to leave behind the struggles with paper writing, journal selection, co-author disputes and reviewer comment and instead be confident about your paper and spend more time on research?

... intrigued by the idea that you can apply a systematic approach to save time, focus on your work, and complete your next research paper with ease?

I will fully support you! 


Have you been ...

... looking for a detailed plan that tells you how to write each paper section?

... hunting for a productive way of using your time and energy when writing papers?

... aiming to finish and submit your paper to an international peer-reviewed journal?

... wanting to adopt a professional way of communicating with reviewers and editors to get accepted and published?

Let me help you achieve this! 

As a former Journal Editor

and experienced author, I've taught over 3,000 academics worldwide in the past 15+ years how to write papers that get published in international peer-reviewed journals.

I’ve learned and analysed the challenges researchers face when writing papers throughout the 300+ courses that I’ve taught face-to-face and online.

Now, I have channelled the best techniques and guidelines into an exclusive programme that truly guides you to become a successful and efficient author of journal papers.

This programme isn’t so much an academic writing training as a hands-on paper-writing retreat for academics intending to get their papers written and published soon.

"More than 8 weeks ago, I said Paper Writing Academy will be a success to me if I can submit a manuscript by the end of the course. Guess what: I managed to submit the paper 4 days ago in the last week of the programme. "

Eva Brod
Postdoc, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research

No, you ...

... don’t have to figure out everything about your paper all on your own.

... don’t have to experience the same struggles as many of your colleagues have experienced before you.

... don’t have to feel lost and afraid of making mistakes or getting rejected!


Yes, you can ...

... benefit from the experiences of thousands of academic authors we worked with before you!

... learn all the techniques and strategies necessary to efficiently write a journal paper and get accepted in a well-respected journal!

... become a happy, satisfied and self-organised academic writer who produces journal papers with ease!

Follow our system to get there! 

Your end result

(1) You’ve written your research paper in only 8 weeks.

(2) You've adopted the TRESS ACADEMIC roadmap for productive paper writing that will accompany you through your academic life!


"PWA is an easy to understand guidebook for professional paper writing. It provides you with the theoretical and practical tools needed to compose your own paper the way you want it. It feels like PWA is a writing buddy that’s got your back when the publishing process feels overwhelming."

John Björn Sällebrant
Nord University, Bodø, Norway

Paper Writing Academy

is the most comprehensive programme of its kind that:

Is created with YOU in mind

Creating an inspiring and supportive writing environment that helps you cope with your questions and writing struggles was my motivation to launch this programme.

Coaches based on your requirements

The programme teaches the skills you need and offers the time required to write your own research paper along with our instructions.

Builds on interaction and exchange

You will not experience the anonymous training atmosphere of other online classes, and you will not be left alone in your paper writing. Instead, you’ll appreciate our supportive environment and teamwork opportunities which will enhance your learning experience.

Considers your personal situation 

No research work and no paper is like any other. You all work on specialised topics in your research fields. We will help you to find your personal path to get your paper written and published!

"Paper Writing Academy has been the best paper writing course I have ever taken. The explanation of academic paper writing is very comprehensive. Every part is explained and very detailed. I really learned how to draft academic papers systematically."

Wenli Ni, PhD Candidate
Helmholtz Centre Munich, Germany

What you learn in this programme

The programme takes you through the four major steps in paper writing from start to finish, focused on planning, writing, editing, and publication.


Prepare for writing

In this initial phase of paper writing, you build the groundwork for a successful paper. The problems that you solve here and the mistakes you avoid will benefit you when you draft your paper.

If you have never written a journal paper before, these are essential steps that you should be aware of to simplify the paper-writing process. If you have some experience with paper writing already, you will learn what to focus on to increase efficiency in your paper writing.

If you are unaware of the common pitfalls, or if you feel tempted to ignore these essential preparation steps, you will have to work extra hard later in the writing, editing, and peer-review phases of the entire process.

Part I highlights:

  • Plan the different steps and time requirements of the paper writing and publishing process, using our unique ‘Paper Completion Plan.’

  • Adopt productive writing strategies that help you write efficiently using a writing plan and a publishing strategy.

  • Learn our golden rules of productive paper writing.

  •  Identify a suitable topic for your scientific research paper that catches the attention of your peers and potential journals.

  • Define the target audience that will be most interested in reading your paper.

  • Review ethical considerations of the journal publishing and peer-review process to better understand the international code of conduct.

  • Learn how to determine the list and order of co-authors on your paper, and their various responsibilities.

  • Find a journal that is suitable and interested in considering and publishing your paper using our powerful journal selection tool.


Writing the paper

In this central part of the course, you receive detailed guidelines to write all relevant sections of your scientific research paper.

In a detailed step-by-step approach, you will draft and review all the necessary and optional content elements required in each paper section. Here you lay the foundation of your paper brick by brick. You will learn what is expected of you from the journal, as well as what makes a good submission and why. The writing process will be broken down into small manageable steps that follow a logical order which can be followed on a daily writing schedule so that you make progress every single day.

At the end of this part, you have an advanced paper draft in hand, and know how to complete it, as well as apply this process to any future paper that you may write.

Part II highlights:

  • Define the paper objective to get a red line for your paper writing.

  • Outline the structure of your paper to increase logic, clarity, and efficiency in your writing.

  • Draft the key paper sections using our proven and smart guidelines for the Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion.

  • Compose a title for your paper that helps to promote your research and enables peers to find your work.

  • Get a grip on effectively visualising your research in tables, graphs, and figures.

  • Increase your paper impact by optimising the use of keywords, acknowledgements, appendices, supplements, and references.


Editing the paper

Once the paper is drafted, editing brings it up to a publishable standard. Nobody’s first draft is perfect, and editing helps your paper tremendously get where you want it to be: published in a good journal.

Often, this stage of paper writing is neglected because you might think that good research alone will help your paper over the finish line. But a poorly edited paper is often not even read or considered.

Our comprehensive editing approach will help you to get the best out of your paper. With only a small time investment in editing, you save a great deal of revision time in the peer-review process.

Part III highlights:

  • Self-edit your paper along with a set of clearly defined editing criteria.

  • Initiate effective feedback on your paper by a colleague, friend, or peer.

  • Decipher and consider the specific requirements of the journal’s author instructions.

  • Apply key revision principles of language and style to increase readability.


Submitting the paper and the peer-review process

In this final part, you learn the essential strategies to move your paper with ease from submission, through peer-review, to acceptance and the publication stage.

This part of paper writing sometimes feels like a black box, and you may think you have no influence on what is going to happen, but you can do a lot to help your paper successfully pass here!

Submission means more than just pressing the submit button, and you will learn how to master this step as well. Once your paper is with the journal and peer-reviewers, many small decisions influence how your paper will be looked at and how it will be judged. In this stage, you develop a proactive attitude, and carefully apply our tactics to get your paper through to final acceptance in the shortest possible time.

Part IV highlights:

  • Understand the requirements and elements of successful paper submission.

  • See your paper from the perspective of the journal editor, the reviewers, and the publisher to better understand what is important to them.

  • Embrace the 5 stages of the peer-review process, and recognise how you can support the process to shorten the time your paper is in peer-review.

  • Use our detailed checklists and our smart review sheet to self-evaluate your paper and understand the criteria that editors and reviewers use to judge your work.

  • Apply techniques for a successful and confident resubmission of your revised paper after peer-review.

  • Anticipate the steps required between paper acceptance and publication to make your paper available to your peers as soon as possible.

  • Promote your paper after publication.


"The paper I was working on through Paper Writing Academy was not my first, but this was definitely my best paper-writing experience. The course offered a very structured approach to paper writing and time management. This made my writing process much easier, and I gained the confidence to do it right. This course will save a lot of time in my future paper writing, and I can highly recommend it to both beginners and experienced writers."

Maria Dietrich
Researcher, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Paper Writing Academy is the most comprehensive step-by-step programme for academics who are enthusiastic and COMMITTED to writing a scientific research paper in 8 weeks!

Our students are part of a highly-curated community consisting of knowledgeable, motivated, and super-supportive academics who are aiming to be productive and excel in their academic careers. When you join, you become part of this special community.

Our paper-writing programmes have led thousands of students to successful paper writing and publication over the past years. When you join, you will be one of them, and we will teach you how to go from paper draft to publication success.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the programme. We provide a 1-week money-back guarantee for the Paper Writing Academy in the event that you decide your purchase was not the right decision. The terms for that money-back guarantee are specified here. Please contact our support team at [email protected] if you’d like to request a refund within 1 week of the first module being released.

"I loved all your suggestions and support sessions. I started my paper about comparative transcriptomics of a catfish at the beginning of PWA (1 March) and submitted it on April 22 (7th week of PWA). It is under review now in the journal Genomics. A lot to learn from you, Gunther!"

Partha Sarathi Tripathy
Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, 
Nord University, Norway

How Paper Writing Academy is organised!

How is the programme delivered?

The programme runs for a total of 8 weeks starting Feb 13th, 2023. It includes a total of 8 modules, 35 lessons, and extensive supporting documents that are all available for download. You will receive weekly releases with new content in our programme area including video, audio, and written lessons, as well as templates, worksheets, checklists, and other training and support information.

How do I work on the programme?

Since this is a fully digital course, you don't need to attend in a classroom. You do not need to show up at a specific time. You don't need to allocate a specific number of hours per day. You can study for this course from anywhere at any time. You set your own pace.

How do we learn with you?

You can download all files of the provided material within Paper Writing Academy, and work on them yourself. All students can join a common discussion group that is open 24/7 for discussing problems and exchanging info. In addition, we have four joint live-video sessions to discuss problems and progress.

How long do I have access to the Paper Writing Academy?

We offer life-long access to the course material provided through a password protected programme area. You shall have access to this programme area for as long as it exists.

Any preparation needed?

No. We’ll take you wherever you are in the paper-writing process.You will benefit most if you already have an idea for your paper. You can also join if you are in the middle of writing, or if you’ve had a paper rejected.

More questions?

We are happy to respond to any questions you might have. Please also check our FAQ section below, or contact us at [email protected].

"It was a fantastic experience, I have written a couple of papers and my scientific life would have been much easier if I had such a course much earlier in my career. I will strongly encourage my students in the future not to make the same mistake. The course was precisely prepared and Gunther was so enthusiastic that it is hard to believe he does this almost every week."

Jan, Postdoc, Technical Univ. of Delft, The Netherlands

Here’s what you’re getting when you enrol today:

  • Paper Writing Academy Programme Participation
  • Bonus 1: Paper-Writing Runway
  • Bonus 2: Membership in our private discussion group
  • Bonus 3: 4 Live Q&A video sessions with Gunther

When you add it all up, the real-world value of the programme is EUR 1,500.

But since we are in a difficult time for academics everywhere, and I am super-excited to see you in the programme, I’m cutting the real-world fee down to an introductory offer if you enrol to Paper Writing Academy now.

The fee for Paper Writing Academy today is EUR 939.

Imagine, within 8 weeks you have written that paper that you have been looking forward to for so long, and you have all the material to apply the same writing system to all your future papers!

We offer two payment options:

Pay Monthly

3 Payments of

EUR 329



Pay Upfront

1 Single Payment of

EUR 939


The doors of the programme are open until Friday, 10th Feb 2023 (6 pm CET)!

For any questions on the payment process, or regarding an invoice for your institute, please contact us at [email protected].

"Before joining Paper Writing Academy, writing papers was a fuzzy task, I had no structured approach to it. Now, I have a framework and a roadmap that I can use to write my papers so much easier. I would have been so happy if I would have had the chance to join such a programme already a few years earlier."

Dr. Marie Chédru, Assoc. Professor
Uni LaSalle Beauvais, France

Frequently Asked Questions

What you may want to know before joining Paper Writing Academy:

Absolutely, we will take you by the hand and give you an introduction to the whole process. If you’re planning to write a paper now or are in the early phase of drafting one, you are at the right spot. The programme will give your paper writing plan a tremendous boost, and you will surprise yourself with the progress you have made by the end of the 8 weeks: your paper will be written.

Yes, this is exactly the great benefit of this programme. We will look at every aspect of writing a paper step-by-step, and you will get a roadmap for your writing process. You will have absolute clarity about where to start and how to move on with your paper following this programme.

The aim of the programme is not to overwhelm you with a lot of theoretical details on writing papers, but to instead give you relevant and hands-on guidelines for how to write your paper. You will work on your own paper draft in 35 lessons during the eight weeks. All lessons can continue to be used after the programme so that you know how to complete your next papers as well.

Of course! This is the perfect situation--you’ve already started writing the paper, and now you can make a major leap in completing it. You can use the paper for all the exercises that we run during the programme.

There are no specific preparations to make before starting this programme, apart from being committed to writing a paper. We advise only that you have a paper idea or topic if you are not in the writing process yet. To facilitate this thinking, we will send you some information prior to the start of the programme to guide you.

Selecting the appropriate journal for your paper is part of the programme content. Whether your paper gets published or not really depends on whether you submit it to journal A or B. It’s great if you already have some idea of where you could submit a paper, but we will look at this question in detail during the programme.

The world of academia is huge, and many different disciplines have their own traditions and practices. There is, of course, not one size that fits all, but when we deal with paper writing, we deal with communication, and the same rules of communication apply to many fields. We’ve had students from fields like medicine, physics, chemistry, biology, environmental sciences, geosciences, psychology, history, archaeology, economics, sociology and many, many more … and they all were able to translate the steps and guidelines they learned to their fields and get published.

You don’t have to be a beginner in the paper-writing business to benefit from this programme. We’ve had senior scientists join after they have published 20 or more papers, and they still benefited a lot from it. You will learn how to make your established writing process more efficient, and how to write better papers with less effort.

Every course is different. What makes our programme unique is that we guide you step-by-step to write your own paper during the 8 weeks. Thus, instead of hearing about what you might potentially encounter when you write papers, you will actually apply your knowledge directly to your own work. If this was not covered in your previous course, you will definitely benefit from joining ours.

We have been supervisors ourselves, and we know there are many great people who advise students, and yet, it is often a single perspective that you’ll hear--even if the person is well-informed. What we do differently from your supervisor: We survey many publishers, editors, reviewers, and authors across academic fields to hear about the problems and challenges authors have with their papers. Based on this information, we develop our guidelines, which clearly go beyond the perspective of a single supervisor.

The more important question is how much time you can set aside for writing your next paper. Before the programme days, it is useful to think about a paper idea you want to develop in the programme. Otherwise, it would be great to spend an hour per day working on the assignments from one week to the next. Don’t forget:that the goal of this program is to write a paper in 8 weeks!. We give you great tips on how to make this process as time-efficient as possible.

Everybody in the programme will get a digital certificate. It states the number of hours you spent on the programme, and states the ECTS credit points that you have acquired. You can submit our certificate to your graduate programme.

Many elements of writing papers are very similar, independent of the paper type that you are focussing on. The programme subject matter centres around writing scientific research papers, but if you are writing a review paper, a methods paper, a short communication, or a discussion paper, you will also benefit from it.

This is a live-online programme where we all will connect using video conferencing tools. You would need to have a desktop or a laptop computer with webcam and speakers or headphones as well as a good Internet connection. This is all you need and for many of us at our (home-) offices, this is what we have.

We are very much aware that many PhD students or other researchers are running on a tight budget, and the Corona pandemic has probably even sharpened this situation. For this reason, we decided to provide a specially reduced programme fee for ALL students. The real programme value is much higher, but we want to give as many as possible a chance to participate.

Many of you are enrolled in structured graduate programmes with an educational part. You often have the chance to pick optional courses that will be covered by the graduate school or university. Others have their own annual budget that they can use for attending events like conferences or courses. You were probably registered for a conference that has now been called off, or you had planned to attend a summer school or another course that was cancelled. Investigate whether you can reallocate your budget and invest it in your career development by joining this programme for getting a quick-start in paper writing.

No problem. For this reason, we offer you a payment plan so you can pay the programme fee over 3 months. Choose this option at the check-out.

If you want to pay the programme fee by invoice and not via the online payment system that we offer through PayPal, OR if you need an invoice for your department, please contact us at [email protected]

Our instructor, Gunther, has a background in science himself--he studied natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, with a PhD in natural sciences. He researched and taught at various universities and research institutes across Europe, served as an Associate Editor for an international peer-reviewed journal, and regularly reviews papers for journals. For 14+ years he has coached and advised academics from all fields to help them get their papers written and published in journals. Gunther has accumulated all the essential experiences as author, reviewer, and editor during his academic and professional career necessary to teach you how to be the successful author of a journal paper. Gunther is also the co-author of the SMART ACADEMICS Blog, providing guides on boosting performance and careers in academia. Find out more about Gunther on LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Twitter, FacebookYouTubeor on his website.

Join our community to never miss any updates on new guides, blogposts or courses. 

Paper Writing Academy is PERFECT for you if…

  1. … you really want to get your paper written now, and are looking for support during the entire writing process.

  2. … you are just getting started with paper writing and want to do it right from the beginning.

  3. … you are already struggling with getting papers published, and want to fix it once and for all.

  4. … you are looking for a virtual writing programme where you benefit from other fellow authors writing their papers parallel to yours.

  5. … you are an ambitious academic who wants to see their work published and recognised by peers.

  6. … you are willing to spend some time producing a great paper about your research to get published.

  7. … you are already investing quite a bit of time in preparing papers without big publication success.

  8. … you fear that your paper will get rejected.

  9. … you already had papers rejected.

  10. … you know that getting papers published will bring you closer to completing your degree or project, or will boost your academic career.

  11. … you want to write a great research paper that you can submit later to an international peer-reviewed journal.

  12. … you are willing to try hard to get the paper started and written during the Corona pandemic period.

  13. … you feel that you are always spending too much time and thought on paper writing for what actually gets written and published.

If you said YES to at least 6 of the above statements, I can’t wait to meet you inside Paper Writing Academy!

Here’s what you’re getting when you enrol today:

  • Paper Writing Academy Programme Participation
  • Bonus 1: Paper-Writing Runway
  • Bonus 2: Membership in our private discussion group
  • Bonus 3: 4 Live Q&A video sessions with Gunther

When you add it all up the real-world value of the programme is EUR 1,500.

But since we are in a difficult time for academics everywhere, and I am super-excited to see you on the programme, I’m cutting the real-world fee as an introductory offer if you enrol to Paper Writing Academy now

The fee for Paper Writing Academy today is EUR 939.

Imagine, within 8 weeks you have written that paper that you have been looking forward to for so long and you got all the material to apply the same writing system to all your future papers!

We offer you two payment options:

Pay Monthly

3 Payments of

EUR 329



Payment Upfront

1 Single Payment of

EUR 939


The doors of the programme are open until Friday, 10th Feb 2023 (6 pm CET)!

For any questions on the payment process, or regarding an invoice for your institute, please contact us at [email protected].

"I am so glad that I joined Paper Writing Academy! This digital course is a great opportunity for both new or more experienced scientists. It was the first time that I tried to write a paper and, yes, I managed to finish my first manuscript during the course. This was a great success, and I couldn’t have done it without Gunther’s guidance, the videos, and the support sheets. I learned not only how to write a scientific paper, but also how to organise my time for more effective writing. The live sections were very helpful with great interactions with other scientists and Gunther’s support and encouragement was exceptional! Thank you so much!"

Areti Balkoni
Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany

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