A quick guide to PhD planning

... no matter how far you are in your project!

Live with Bärbel Tress (PhD) 

Wed, 26 July, 10 am (CEST)

In this seminar 




Why common objections to planning your PhD project fail

I’ll show you why common objections to planning are rather excuses and won't bring you closer to your PhD degree. 


How planning helps your PhD

You’ll learn why planning your project is the number one strategy that will help you to complete your PhD successfully.  


When you should do the planning for your PhD

You’ll learn that you can work on the planning of your project any time in your PhD, whether you're in the first or last year of your PhD, it's never too early or too late. 


How to plan your PhD

I’ll let you know how to plan your project even if you have only little experience and will present you a multiple step quick-planning guide that you can apply to your project to sketch out the next steps. 

"I took a course with Bärbel that I really enjoyed. With each module that I worked on I learned how to manage this big PhD project a bit better. Without this input, I would have been lost in all my tasks and duties."

Corinna Oster, PhD student, Univ. of Bremen, Germany

Are you struggling with your PhD?

Are you uncertain how your project will unfold? Do you have constant worries about the progress of your PhD project? Are you anxious that you won’t be able to finish on time?

You’re not alone! I know these problems all too well. But, there’s only one way forward: Planning your project and the individual steps until completion. In this online seminar I'll give you a helping hand with our quick-guide to PhD planning in just 5 easy steps.

Whether you are in the first year of your PhD study or already at an advanced stage, planning will always help to move your PhD project closer to the finish line. 

Curious to learn more about planning your PhD? Join now!

Since you might be curious …

… I did my own PhD at Roskilde University in Denmark and greatly enjoyed my research! But I realised that many of my fellow PhD candidates struggled and completed much later than originally planned. When I started my academic career, I also started teaching PhD students and it became my passion to show them what they could do to complete their PhD projects successfully. Since then, I taught thousands of PhD students from all around the world.  

You can learn how to be successful with your PhD!

Every PhD student can pick up the skills necessary to deal with their problems and increase the chances of timely and successful completion! 

Planning your PhD project is a key requirement for any PhD success. No matter how far your are in your project, you can always plan for the remaining time and tasks. If you want a head-start, join now. 


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"Bärbel has a lot of experience in helping PhD students across the finishing line and a good understanding of how different universities around the world operate. She has a genuine interest in guiding and advising students. I am so happy that I joined one of her courses, it was a great experience that I can recommend to any PhD student."

Nicole Crozier, PhD student, Development Studies, Nelson-Mandela-University, South Africa